Charles and Phyllis Frias Elementary School Las Vegas

Charles and Phyllis Frias Elementary School Las VegasCharles and Phyllis Frias Elementary School Las Vegas

As one of the assigned schools for Southern Highlands, Frias Elementary School Las Vegas is a highly rated school, receiving 4 out of 5 stars from residents whose children attend or have attended the school.

Great Schools also has a high rating for this school and has received an 8 out of 10 rating. See homes for sale in Southern Highlands. This school’s mission statement is, “We are committed to standards of excellence. We will set goals and take responsibility for establishing a safe environment where learners are empowered and diversity is valued.” It is this Las Vegas elementary school’s vision to get their students excited about learning and inspire them to continue learning for the rest of their life.

Currently, Frias Elementary School Las Vegas has 790 1st through 5th grade students in attendance. Parents and students alike are raving fans of top notch administrative services this school offers and are thrilled with the experience this school’s staff has provided. If you are interested in Southern Highlands homes for sale or if you are interested in selling your home in South West Las Vegas, contact Tom Wirt at 702-439-2744.

Background This school was named after Charles and Phyllis Frias. This couple became business owners within the first few years of being residents of Las Vegas by purchasing a cab company. This was just the beginning of his business ventures in Las Vegas, and Charles and his wife, Phyllis, are known throughout the Las Vegas area for their honesty and humility. The Frias Family has been very involved in philanthropic ventures in their community and is particularly involved in enabling children to receive the best education. They have done this by establishing various programs and funding/directing scholarship opportunities. This couple has also made dreams come true by sending local school bands out of state to participate in various events.

Community Click Here to view homes for sale in Southern Highlands IMG_2339Southern Highlands is a region of Las Vegas, which is known for its golf courses, which are some of the finest in the nation. Homes in this area tend to be larger than the rest of Las Vegas and the average price range is over $100,000 more than Las Vegas’s average house price. Southern Highland homes are usually just a short walk away from one of the pristine golf courses located in the area. Southern Highlands along with other communities located in Southwestern Las Vegas are primarily developed by Olympia Companies. With the involvement of Olympia Companies, Southwestern Las Vegas has come to contain many luxury residential neighborhoods. These communities have highly rated homeowner associations, which take pride in the area and ensure that the common grounds are maintained according to the highest standards.

Beautiful, local parks in Southern Highlands This region features amazing parks, such as Jaynes Family Splash Park, Stonewater Park, Fire Station Dog Park, Cactus Jones Dog Park, Doctor Harry B Johnson Rose Garden, Somerset Hills Park, and more. These parks have beautiful trails where you can walk or ride your bike. The amenities of the Southern Highland parks will often have play structures, water features, paths, and can be reserved for private celebrations.

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