420 Bronco St, Pahrump, NV 89048

420 Bronco St, Pahrump, NV 89048

420 Bronco St, Pahrump, NV 89048
$169,900 | 4 Bedroom | 3 Bathrooms | 2,189 Square Feet

This 4 bedroom home located in the Calvada Valley subdivision features a beautiful fireplace in the living room, a spacious walk-in closet off the master bedroom, completed with a lavish tub with jets in the master bathroom. The open kitchen includes tile flooring, a generous pantry, and prime granite counter tops. Priced at $169,900 with a $78 price per square foot,  420 Bronco St is priced lower then Pahrumps average price per square foot making this home a steal. Additional information listed here: 420 E Bronco St.

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The average asking price of a 4 bedroom home in Pahrump 89048 is $266,476, which is about 57% HIGHER then 420 Bronco St’s asking price. The median home price in Pahrump is increasing as it was $106,500 in 2000, it climbed to $121,800 in 2013, and is at $127,700 as of August 2015.  The market trends for Pahrump are increasing as number of sales go up 9% from last year, the median sales price is going up, and the average list price is going up. This makes it a great market to look into for your home search. Schools zoned for 420 Bronco St, Pahrump, NV 89048 are J.G Johnson Elementary school, Rosemary Clarke Jr High, and Pahrump Valley High School.

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J.G Johnson Elementary School:
Located at 484 West St. Pahrump, NV 89048, J.G Johnson Elementary School is 1 of 16 Elementary schools in Nye County School District. Children can attend grades K-5. With great teachers and staff this school is definitely one to look into. One parent said, “I love JG Johnson as a whole. My oldest daughter started there in 2009 in Kindergarten and I have since had 2 more children enroll there. We moved about 6 months ago and they had to switch to Manse. I am not happy with that school at all and am happy that we are moving back into JG Johnsons zone and my kids will be going back. They are happy they are going back and their attitudes have improved greatly since they found out they will be going back. The staff at Johnson is wonderful and so friendly, The teachers are amazing & have no problem helping a student that needs a little extra help.”

Rosemary Clarke Jr High:
Located at 4201 N Blagg Rd, Pahrump, NV 89060 Rosemary Clarke Middle School is for students in grades 6-8. Rosemary Clarke Middle School has Boys basketball, girls basketball, cheerleading, football, golf, track and volleyball as well as clubs and organizations for students to join.

Pahrump Valley High School:
Located at 501 E Calvada Blvd, Pahrump, NV 89048, Pahrump Valley High School is for students grades 9-12. Out of 8 reviews Pahrump Valley HS has 4/5 stars. One student said, “Pahrump Valley High has been an exceptional school. Compared to Vegas High schools, more opportunity lies here. While i was attending, we had 2 electives, the lunch program was great because the food seemed actually cooked not just heated. Overall I’d do it all again hands down.” Pahrump Valley HS has about 1,275 students with a student teacher ratio of 27:1.

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